On me and adulting.

Who am I, and why should you read this blog?

Well, I’m a very average person. I have lots of ideas. I’m a software developer, gamer, reader and serial project starter. This is the result of one of those project ideas.

Why should you read this?

You probably shouldn’t. All you’ll find are Opinions. Yes, that is capitalised on purpose. If that hasn’t scared you off, by all means stick around!

Above all, I’m a person, and I have randomness in my brain that needs an outlet. Most of that randomness comes from the journey that I term in my head as ‘adulting’. Which would be the day-to-day things I’m apparently supposed to know how to do now I’m over 30. Like going to work. Paying bills. Not trying to excuse everything I do with a loud cry of ‘For science!’. Boring stuff like that.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have it all figured out. Adulting is a trap hard work. Hopefully, blogging about it a little bit will help me figure out that the answer isn’t necessarily 42 all the time.

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