5 Windows Mobile Apps I love

Sunday is here, and to celebrate I decided to kick off a ‘Some List Sunday’ habit.

I am the rare breed that is using a Windows Phone. My Nokia Lumia is my first ever smart phone. I brought it because it was yellow and pretty. Stop judging me.

I’ll be the first to admit that the App availability is lacking in comparison to Android or IoS, but I do have a few apps that I couldn’t be without. I’ll avoid the obvious social apps, since I’m pretty sure everyone has them already.

Amazon Kindle – Kind of self explanatory. I am an unashamed bookworm.

Translator – Lacking in some languages. Very handy for those moments when you’re localising whatever you’re working on!

Spending Tracker – I love tracking my spending. I love being able to see my spending in pie chart form even more. Afterall, you need to know what you’re spending on to gain any control over your outgoings.

Recorder Pro – Voice recording. You have to pay for the longer recordings, but I find it handy to make verbal notes on things. I’m in a new found habit of writing down my ideas when I have them, but sometimes I’ll be driving when I have an idea. That’s where this comes in.

Check List – Lets you pin your lists as tiles to your start screen. You may be catching the hint that I like to make lists.

All of the above are apps that I use a few times a week each, making them fantastic little apps in my book!

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