The Scariest Thing I’ve Done This Year

We all reach milestones in life at some point. They’re generally scary places to be. People who know me may think that getting a new job would make the top spot for me this year, but today I think I just passed a way scarier one successfully.

I was introduced to my boyfriends children for the first time. On a full day out a farm theme day.

This is scary for various reasons.

If they hate me, that’s it for the relationship. My boyfriends children are the most important people in his life, and they have to come first.

I’ve opted not to have children, and odds are that I am terrible with them.

Meeting the kids is entering into a commitment. You don’t just enter a childs life and be ready to walk away easily.

It’s strange to think that the future of a relationship I am in is hinging on the opinion of a 6 year old and 9 year old girl.

I admit I was tempted to wuss out of the whole thing by simply not answering my phone this morning. But I knew it had to happen at some point. I think it went well. The first half hour was difficult, as they obviously didn’t know what to make of me. They don’t currently know that I am their Dads girlfriend. A bit of effort to talk to them, followed up by being the bearer of a water bottle in the corn maze seemed to ease the whole thing though, and soon I had small children talking a mile a minute to me about … well, everything.

My proudest moment for me though was not running screaming like a little girl when a wasp started dive bombing one of his daughters. I went in, lured the wasp away without showing fear, and returned an ice lolly wasp free. While a wasp isn’t so scary as entering a childs life, wasps are a big phobia of mine.

So, scariest thing today? Realising that I have just entered a commitment that I won’t walk away from easily, now that I know his children didn’t hate me on sight. Awesome thing is that I’m actually ok with it.

Oh, also, I got to see a baby pygmy goat climbing a tree. That was pretty cool to.

Goat in a tree!
Goat in a tree!

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