The Last 5 Computer Games I Played

It’s some list Sunday! Here are the last 5 games I played, and my thoughts on them.


Probably my favourite this year. High paced game play, and player invasions. Fantastic bosses. At the same time, kind of depressing. Main reason I love this – I can run around with a pistol and whip. Which is awesome, and says nothing about my character.

Dragonage Inquisition

Kept me busy with side quests for hours. However, once I figured out that you could be invincible as a Knight Enchanter, Nightmare mode became a breeze. I’ve yet to play the new content, since my Dad has kidnapped my copy of it and won’t give it back until he’s bored of it.

Dark Souls 2

A good game. Not quite so tight in design as Dark Souls, but entertaining all the same. That said, I haven’t replayed this as often as Dark Souls, which says something. I think it’s because the Soul Memory system bodged up invasions and co-operative play.


Very playable… once. Which is a shame, really. Should have been so much more than a grindfest in end game!

Dark Souls 1

One of my all time favourites. Lots of replay value, invasions are great, and the bosses still play well even after all this time. Praise the sun!


Play Dark Souls. Then Bloodborne. You won’t regret it.

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