The Lady of the Manor

Ever met the Lord or Lady of the Manor?

They mean well. After all, they’re going around telling people how to make their life better! Or someones life better.

You’ve probably met at least one. Regardless of when they moved to your area, they’re going to tell you where to park your car. Or how to empty your rubbish. Doesn’t matter if everyone on the street has been muddling along just *fine* without their intervention for years. Or that there is no allocated parking. Do something to your drive way that they don’t like the look of, they’ll probably tell you off. Or tell you how to do it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to themselves.

I’ve encountered a few in my life. Best way to deal with them – probably to ignore them, and let them seethe impotently while the tell-tale twitch of their curtain lets you know that you just parked your car in *their* spot on the car park. Even if they don’t actually have a car.

I find people who care so much about what other people are doing in their own space kind of sad. And amusing. Also, incredibly easy to wind up without trying. If you find yourself living in the vicinity of one of these types of people, just smile, wave, and keep about your day as you always have. They’ll either get over it, or die mad.

Also – don’t be one of those people. They’re annoying.

Disclaimer: Any similarities to people I know are coincidental. Probably. Maybe.

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