Month: August 2015

Developer, Love Thy QA.

I suck at testing things. Always have. I keep trying to be better at it, but I’m just flat out awful at it. I don’t have that twisty way of thinking that would cause me to try and use something in a way that doesn’t seem logical to me.

There have been a few times in my career where I have been in a position where I was expected to fully test something that I’d been heavily involved in. It is after these experiences that I am convinced of two truths in software development.

  1. You shouldn’t be testing your own code. You get caught in a ‘pattern blind’ trap, because you coded that thing from the ground up. You know exactly how it’s supposed to work, and it’s incredibly difficult to conceive anyone attempting to use it in a way that you have deemed stupid in your own head.
  2. A good QA is worth their weight in platinum. They care enough about the quality that they will make your application sit up and dance until they break it. And they’ll break your application in all sorts of exciting ways in which you could never imagine.

We’re in a world where deadlines seem to trump quality. This is really bad from a consumer perspective. To give an example – I no longer pre-order computer games, or even buy them on release day. I wait until the first patch comes out to fix all the issues with the game before I even think to throw money at it. This has happened with every single game I’ve been paying attention to for the last year.

As a developer, I want anything I work on to kick bottom. As myself, I know that inspite of my best efforts, a tester I am not. An aggressive QA person constantly bouncing something back to me, while demoralising, means that I have an extra set of eyes making sure that my app is going to kick arse.

A bad review can completely destroy customer confidence. Which is why, as a software developer, my alarm bells start ringing if I interview at a place where they proudly proclaim ‘We don’t have a QA team’. Those same bells start ringing when a team is pushing a tight deadline, and the first thing to be pushed back on the table (or sometimes off it all together!), is the QA.

Dropping QA should never be acceptable. Love your QA, because by doing what they do, they are covering your backside. Instead of dropping QA to meet a deadline, I think anyone who cares about your product would much prefer you to just push back the deadline instead.

5 Windows Mobile Apps I love

Sunday is here, and to celebrate I decided to kick off a ‘Some List Sunday’ habit.

I am the rare breed that is using a Windows Phone. My Nokia Lumia is my first ever smart phone. I brought it because it was yellow and pretty. Stop judging me.

I’ll be the first to admit that the App availability is lacking in comparison to Android or IoS, but I do have a few apps that I couldn’t be without. I’ll avoid the obvious social apps, since I’m pretty sure everyone has them already.

Amazon Kindle – Kind of self explanatory. I am an unashamed bookworm.

Translator – Lacking in some languages. Very handy for those moments when you’re localising whatever you’re working on!

Spending Tracker – I love tracking my spending. I love being able to see my spending in pie chart form even more. Afterall, you need to know what you’re spending on to gain any control over your outgoings.

Recorder Pro – Voice recording. You have to pay for the longer recordings, but I find it handy to make verbal notes on things. I’m in a new found habit of writing down my ideas when I have them, but sometimes I’ll be driving when I have an idea. That’s where this comes in.

Check List – Lets you pin your lists as tiles to your start screen. You may be catching the hint that I like to make lists.

All of the above are apps that I use a few times a week each, making them fantastic little apps in my book!

Best office present ever.

My mug. My mug. My lovely pony mug. *ahem*.

This was a gift from a former co-worker for one of those much dreaded office secret santa events. I have been assured that creating this gift broke his Amazon recommendations for a while. Ah well.

Photo0018 Photo0019

The reason this mug deserves mention (other than being awesome, that is), is that it’s been a great conversation starter at my new place of work. I only recently moved jobs, to a very large company. Navigating ‘new girl in the office-itis’ can be scary territory. This mug has started more conversations with people I don’t know than any innocuous comment about the weather could.

So, shout out here – cheers, Mr Secret Santa! You gave me a great networking tool, as well as a sensibly sized receptacle to power my Caffiene Driven Development.

Things my Father told me.

My dad has the advantage of having numerous t-shirts in the ‘been there, done that’ category. I would do well to pay more attention to the advice he has given me over the years. Here are some of his nuggets of wisdom that have stuck with me – even if I haven’t always followed them when I should. My navigation of office politics or life in general would have been much smoother if I had.

  • To be seen as just as good as the boys, you have to be better than the boys.
    • I strive to do this. Probably the only place I consistently succeed is playing computer games. Unfortunately, this is coupled with being a rather graceless winner.
  • For once in your life, keep your head down and your mouth shut!
    • Father brought me up to be outspoken, and to question everything, and this does run counter to that. However, not every situation is helped by speaking my mind. Sometimes, I do need to just shut up. I’ll work on that.
  • You’re responsible for your own happiness.
    • I sometimes forget this. In a bad situation? It’s up to me to get out of it. There is no knight in shining armour waiting to save me, so I’d better get up and slay that dragon myself.
  • Don’t be a victim.
    • Sometimes, it’s too easy to wallow in self pity. In times when I’ve been depressed, I wish I’d kept this at the front of my mind.
  • You don’t give offense. You *take* offense.
    • Nothing is more annoying than someone who *looks* to take offense. Although the main thing that has happened as a result of taking this on board is that I find people more annoying.
  • Stop cutting off your nose to spite your face!
    • I’m a stubborn person. I don’t think this will change. Oops.

I think that will do for now. There are plenty more, but it would likely turn into a book. I guess the point of this post is that all the above pieces of advice, if I’d chosen to follow them throughout life more consistently, would have improved so many rubbish situations I’ve managed to land myself in. Make no mistake – the common denominator in all of my problems past and present is me.

I should probably listen to my Dad more. Even if he is leaving all the money to the cat.

On me and adulting.

Who am I, and why should you read this blog?

Well, I’m a very average person. I have lots of ideas. I’m a software developer, gamer, reader and serial project starter. This is the result of one of those project ideas.

Why should you read this?

You probably shouldn’t. All you’ll find are Opinions. Yes, that is capitalised on purpose. If that hasn’t scared you off, by all means stick around!

Above all, I’m a person, and I have randomness in my brain that needs an outlet. Most of that randomness comes from the journey that I term in my head as ‘adulting’. Which would be the day-to-day things I’m apparently supposed to know how to do now I’m over 30. Like going to work. Paying bills. Not trying to excuse everything I do with a loud cry of ‘For science!’. Boring stuff like that.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have it all figured out. Adulting is a trap hard work. Hopefully, blogging about it a little bit will help me figure out that the answer isn’t necessarily 42 all the time.