I need a holiday.

I just spent a long bank holiday weekend in Cornwall with the bloke and his daughters. This is the second time I have seen his children, and there was still an element of ‘what if this is when they decide they hate me?’ going through my mind. Before heading out, I looked at my failed attempt to grow coriander indoors, and began to wonder if I was going to accidentally kill the blokes children in much the same way.

Newquay - Fistral Beach
Newquay – Fistral Beach

I need not have worried so much. Not only are children in general fairly resilient, it turns out I double up quite well as a mobile climbing frame, story teller, bridge troll, pack mule, defender from dinosaurs, sand splat builder, mobile computer game source and general silliness provider. So, no watering required.

I’m too old to grow up.

In addition, I can highly reccommend having a 6 year old attached to your hip/back/shoulders for extended periods as very good exercise. I feel like I’ve done an all-over workout.

I’m back home now. I think I need a holiday.

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