My Dirty Secret

When I get to talking about the Final Fantasy series with fellow gamers, one thing always comes out – every one *loved* Final Fantasy 7, and it seems to be held up as the epitome of the series.

I confess – as much as I loved Final Fantasy 7, 9 is still my favourite. I should probably explain why.

Zidane is just a little bag of awesome. Throughout most of the story, he’s happy and upbeat, which was a welcome change from the brooding of Cloud and Squall. And although the storyline of 7 is definitely stronger – I like happy characters. The depressed tone of the other leads gets old fast. I never understood how Tifa, Aeris and Rinoa could have such a girl crush on such miserable characters. It made no sense to me.

That said, for the most part, I have loved most of the offerings from the Final Fantasy series.I 100% completed most of them across multiple playthroughs. The only one I really didn’t get on with (and didn’t bother getting 100% on) was 12. It was far too grindy trying to get the ultimate weapons. I think this was the moment that I realised achievement hunting was probably a waste of my time. I’d just spent 3 hours of my limited free time running around one area trying to get an item to drop from enemies 3 times, and asked myself – why am I doing this? I’m not currently enjoying myself. This is all rather silly.

And thus ended my love affair with the series. Don’t get me wrong – 13 was fabulous. I really enjoyed the character of Lightning. But now, I’m not so gung ho about getting the 100% completion of all the secret bosses, ultimate weapons, etc, because I just don’t want to devote my time to grinding levels or hoping for a random rare drop. I did still get the 100% on 13 though, because it didn’t make the mistake that 12 made – it just wasn’t so grindy, and thus, kept me engaged.

For the TL:DR crowd – I preferred 9 over 7 and 8, because the main character was not a complete emo. And that is pretty much it.

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