My 5 Favourite Books

It’s some list sunday! I figured that today, I would share my all time 5 favourite books, because – why not? I am an avid book reader, but there are some that I always come back to.

  • Wild Magic – Tamora Pierce
    • This is *the* book that got me into the whole fantasy genre. It’s the first in a series that follows a girl who possesses magic that allows her to talk to animals. Also, she gets a pet dragon along the way.
  • Guards! Guards! – Terry Pratchett
    • The book that introduced me to the Discworld Series. Enough said.
  • The Fires of Heaven – Robert Jordan
    • Book 5 of The Wheel of Time series. This one was one of my favourites, as it’s when shit got real.
  • Polgara the Sorceress – David Eddings
    • This is the story of my favourite character from the Belgariad series. I like David Eddings work, as it has the comforting element of knowing that none of the good guys are in any actual real peril. Sometimes, you need that!
  • The High Lord – Trudi Canavan
    • The last book in the  Black Magician trilogy. I love the worlds that Trudi Canavan creates. This follows a girl who ends up learning the forbidden Black Magic, due to an unfortunate series of events.

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