It’s all about the winning.

I was away at my Aunts wedding this weekend.

It was fabulous to be at an event with my family. However, as one of the only female unmarried relatives remaining, I was coerced into joining the throng of other single ladies to catch the bouquet after the ceremony. Given that traditionally, catching the bouquet means that you are supposedly the next to get married, I wasn’t too interested in catching it.

However, I do like winning. There was a prize to be had, and I have ever been a competitive spirit.


That picture would be me being a somewhat graceless winner. Turns out I have the reflexes of a jediĀ or something, as I reached up and the bouquet just landed in my hand.

I have yet to hear the end of if from my family.


Congratulations again to my Aunt and new Uncle! Have an awesome honeymoon. P.S. I still have no intention of getting married. Neener neener!

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