Truths about not being a student any more.

This weekend just gone, I had some old university buddies come to visit me. It was good fun to show them around my new home town, and just catch up in general. We’ve all grown up, some have had children, gotten married, etc.

Some things did serve to show just how much we’ve grown up, though.

  • Pillows. I did the all out ‘girly’ thing, apparently, by supplying too many pillows* when it came to providing comfortable sleeping areas. Gone are the bad old days when our student selves slept on the dormitory floor after a night out!
  • I went to bed before midnight.
  • We had alcohol left in the fridge in the morning. Our student selves would have wept.
  • We could actually afford to eat out.
  • We were all up before 9am. Sacrilege!
  • Instead of sharing pictures of fellow students asleep with their head in a bin, or in another similar state of inebriation, pictures of children were shared!
  • No one had to be carried home.
  • We all acknowledged that the stuff we learnt at university is probably useless now (we all studied Computing).

It’s always nice to catch up with old friends. And while some of the growing up we’ve done makes me yearn for the ‘good old days’, we haven’t done badly for ourselves at all. Until next time, guys!

* I still maintain that there is no such thing as too many pillows.

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