At the Haddenham Steam Rally

Looking for something a little bit different to do on a lazy sunday, the bloke and I checked out the Haddenham Steam Rally.

It was a very impressive showcase of all the vintage steam contraptions, with a mix of classic cars and bikes on show to add to the fun. Stalls selling and demonstrating vintage goods were in abundance, and the fair ground was varied.

My only criticism – just how expensive everything was. I can appreciate that putting on such an event is expensive. Admittedly, the bloke and I had failed to do our homework. The entrance fee was £10 per adult. Which ate into the vast majority of the cash I was carrying. None of the stalls (unsurprisingly) had a facility to pay by card. Which is a shame – because as the day went on, and we got hungry, we had to dig into our pockets to scrummage up enough change to afford a cornish pasty each – which at £4 each, meant that we were from that point on, truly cashless.

I guess the point of this post is that we were priced out of picking up any souvenirs, eating more food, or having a go on any of the rides. Partly due to our own lack of preparation, but partly due to how everything was so pricey. If not for being hungry, I know I would have refused to pay £4 for a small (though very tasty) pasty.

The lesson here – do more homework before heading out to an event like this. And take a packed lunch.

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