Rocky Horror @The Playhouse, London

Last night, I was out at the Rocky Horror Picture Show in London. Not my first time seeing the live show by any means. As always, it was a great night out, much humour, and the audience participation was top notch. The cast were fantastic, and it was fabulous seeing Richard O’Brien as the narrator. You wouldn’t think he was in his 70s – he’s still got it!

The only disappointment was the poor showing of dressing the part. Seriously, London – I expected you to put Stoke-on-Trent (where I’ve historically seen it) to shame. I only saw one guy dressed the part as Frankenfurter! When I’ve been before, you stand out if you’re not dressed up. Not last night. Still, I feel that I rocked by corset and thigh high boots look, so not to worry! I was there with a couple of ‘virgins’, who told me later that it was one of the best shows they have ever seen.

Signs that maybe I’m getting too old for this – upon journeying home, the feeling of taking off the high heels and putting flat shoes on was the best thing ever. Getting rid of my hold up stockings was also a relief, since my thighs are apparently too thin to hold them up sensibly. Mental note – get a suspender belt for when I go to see the show again in Stoke next year.

Lessons learnt? There is no dignified way of pulling up hold up stockings without flashing fellow passengers on the tube (I was hiding under a long coat for the travelling portions of my night out). Investing in a decent feather boa is also a must, since I was leaving a trail of red feathers wherever I went. I’m still finding the bloody things attached to me even now. Feather attacks are almost as bad as glitter attacks, it seems!

Finally, London – up your game! Let loose a bit more, it’s Rocky Horror!

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