5 Observations of my world – Updated


  • Baby changing facilities – they only seem to appear in women’s toilets or disabled toilets when out and about. Is there an assumption that fathers do not need to change nappies? Or are there unadvertised baby changing facilities in mens toilets? I never go in there to find out. Maybe some blokes can fill me in!
    • Update! A bloke got in touch with me, and said the following:

      And yes there are sometimes unadvertised baby change facilities in the blokes, and sometimes if you follow the signs the baby change is simply in the same corridor as the female toilets. Generally I find the baby change is in with the disabled toilet (not always advertised), but there are still the odd (rare) occasions where there are no male-accessible baby change facilities.

      Good to know! Curiosity satisfied, thanks!

  • Christmas seems to start earlier every year, according to the shops.
  • Food options in restaurants that contain the most cheese are mostly vegetarian. Leaving me wondering if I should start ordering a side of cheese with everything to satisfy my meat with cheese cravings.
  • My flat is disturbingly not zombie apocalypse proof. Plans must be made.
  • When it comes to coffee, my own laziness always beats out making proper coffee. I am a heathen.

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