Pre-ordering computer games is for mugs.

I won’t even buy new games on release day any more.

If the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that games are more and more often being released before they’re ready. It’s long made more sense to me to wait a couple of months after the release, knowing that by then the various bugs will be fixed, and the game will probably be cheaper to.

Granted, I miss out on the pre-order bonuses. But then again – am I really missing out on that much? Why would I pay for a broken/buggy game in a pre-order just to get a shiny digital hat or something? Now, extra content would be more interesting – though then I’d be very irritated if extra content was available as pre-order only. Surely such content should have just made it in to the game fully? Otherwise, it looks to me like a pretty blatant cash grab.

Like many, I do not appreciate being ripped off. And that is the direction that game pre-orders have been going in for quite some time. Now, working as a software developer myself,  I can appreciate that it would be nigh on impossible to squash every single bug. I’ll quite happily over-look little bugs. It’s the game-breaking bugs, or flat out unfinished games that are the problem here.

So – dear game companies*:

Thank you for keeping me entertained for years. But please stop taking the mickey. I don’t think I am alone when I say that I would rather wait a bit longer for your game to be awesome than to get disillusioned when I play something you haven’t had the time to make work properly.

Dear fellow gamers:

Stop pre-ordering. You know this is a problem. Vote with your wallet, and maybe the publishers will start pushing for quality over a crazy short release date.

* Yes, yes – I know there are a very small number of game companies out there who are not guilty of this. There are always exceptions.

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