Month: September 2015

At the Eden Project

Over the bank holiday weekend, I got to visit the Eden Project for the first time.

2015-08-31 17.40.00

I was lucky enough to see (and smell!) a Corpse Flower blooming, which was great since I missed one blooming back where I live due to being away on the weekend when that flowered. These things only bloom for 48 hours, so it’s not something you easily get to plan or see up close. They can take up to 6 *years* to bloom. All in all, pretty awesome stuff.

I could talk more about the awesomeness at the Eden Project, but there was some disappointment to be had, which is what I wanted to natter about in this post.

The problem with the Eden Project – people. Selfish, unthinking people who just don’t seem to *get* what the folks at the Eden Project are doing. I was so disappointed to see – especially in areas like the Rainforest Biome – that people had just dropped their litter on the paths, in among the rare rainforesty plants, and in the water features. Some people have even etched graffiti into the leaves of the cacti in the Mediterranean Biome. It made me so angry, because who does that?!?  Why pay money to go in and visit a place that is dedicated to showcasing rare and beautiful flora and fauna, a place that is attempting to preserve that which is endangered, just to mess it up with mindless vandalism and sheer laziness? Where is the flipping respect for the lessons there?

This is why I sometimes hate people. And this is probably why we don’t get to have nice things.

I would highly recommend checking out the Eden Project. Just don’t be an arse, and put your litter in one of the *many* bins that are dotted about the place. And no one should have to tell you that etching your name into a plant is not a cool thing to do. If you are the kind of person who needs to be told something so basic, then do the place a favour, and stay away until you have learnt the difference between right and wrong.

I need a holiday.

I just spent a long bank holiday weekend in Cornwall with the bloke and his daughters. This is the second time I have seen his children, and there was still an element of ‘what if this is when they decide they hate me?’ going through my mind. Before heading out, I looked at my failed attempt to grow coriander indoors, and began to wonder if I was going to accidentally kill the blokes children in much the same way.

Newquay - Fistral Beach
Newquay – Fistral Beach

I need not have worried so much. Not only are children in general fairly resilient, it turns out I double up quite well as a mobile climbing frame, story teller, bridge troll, pack mule, defender from dinosaurs, sand splat builder, mobile computer game source and general silliness provider. So, no watering required.

I’m too old to grow up.

In addition, I can highly reccommend having a 6 year old attached to your hip/back/shoulders for extended periods as very good exercise. I feel like I’ve done an all-over workout.

I’m back home now. I think I need a holiday.

Things my big sister taught me

She’s sometimes been evil to me. On rarer occasions, she’s sometimes been *nice*. She’s always been there though. So, here are the things I learnt from my big sister, whether I liked it or not.

  • It’s easier for bigger people to pin you down and ‘typewriter’ you to tears. Thankfully, they stop once you reach the same height. The lesson? Bigger people aren’t bigger forever. Be patient.
  • ‘Look, there’s a spider!’ can and will work as a distraction technique when you have a cunning plan to steal steak off your big sisters plate. Regardless of height difference.
  • Sometimes, there are people in your life who you will stick up for, and who will stick up for you. Regardless of the right or wrong of the situation.
  • How not to win an argument with Dad. (pro-tip – don’t argue. Just ask forgiveness later).
  • She’s allowed to pick on me. Anyone else who tries will face her wrath. Which is scary.
  • Size matters. The bigger speakers blasting out Take That will still beat smaller speakers blasting out Metallica. 😦
  • It is possible to dish out a kick up the arse sympathetically.
  • Setting someones hair on fire proves nothing. Not even when you start slapping their head to put the fire out. 😡
  • Even the strongest people need help, and that’s ok.
  • I was made in a factory in China.
  • Standing in a circle of My Little Ponies will protect me from the ghosts.
  • The sneakier one wins. Or at least wipes all the Micromachines 2 records. Same difference!

There you have it. My big sister has been a huge influence in my life. She was often mean. Sometimes nice. But she’s still my big sister, so I guess I’d better suck it up.