My project list is too exciting for me.

This is probably not a unique problem. However, I have today come to the realisation that I am having problems getting on with my ‘to-do’ list because it’s just too exciting to actually complete things. Plus, I keep having yet more awesome ideas that get added to it.

So, here is the current incarnation of my ‘to do’ list, in no particular order:

  • Start carry on finish writing awesome mobile phone app.
  • Do more drawing.
  • Learn to paint with water colours.
  • Port off so I have more control over the website.
  • Write a control library for wpf or windows mobile.
  • Complete the various indie games I’ve downloaded on my PS4.
  • Start playing all those other games on my ‘to play’ pile.
  • Write a book.
  • Invent teleportation.

It doesn’t help that the stuff I am working on in the office is pretty fun to. Yep, I really have reached a stage where my work is so interesting to me that I am using it to procrastinate away from doing all the other exciting things I would like to do. The rest of my time is taken up by having a social life. Ooer!

On one hand, having ideas that interest me is great. I think I need to start setting deadlines on some of these things though, otherwise I will be surrounded by half finished projects. Either that, or I need to figure out a way to not need sleep.

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