Wheely lazy people.

So, what’s going on with this picture?

The trolleys are revolting!
The trolleys are revolting!

My pet theories:

  1. The trolleys are looking to escape their mundane existence of carting groceries around Tesco. *
  2. Some of the clientele of Tesco think that a trolley is actually a bike.
  3. Some people have taken laziness so far that they would rather abandon a trolley at the very edge of the car park, instead of in one of the numerous trolley parking areas that are in fact closer to any parking spot than the edge of the car park. I stopped counting the trolley parking areas at 20, because how many are really needed?

I’m deliberately overlooking that maybe some of these trolleys were most likely abandoned by people riding bikes, as I’m not convinced it would be possible to actually cycle with the amount of shopping that can fill a trolley.

So, my current favourite theory is the 1st. The trolleys are looking to escape their evil overlords, and will soon start the ‘free wheeling’ revolution. They have had enough of being pushed around, and are seeking a new life in Madagascar, selling pineapples. Or something like that. It certainly beats a future that all too often sees a trolley ending its days at the bottom of a canal somewhere. And I’m sure that any self respecting trolley wants to see more than the British Aisles.

I’m betting on number 3 though. I am impressed with the lengths some lazy people will go to in order to avoid making someone else’s life easier. This kind of thing is why so many supermarkets require a pound coin to use a trolley. So, dear lazy people – stop being lazy. You just ruin the poundless trolleys for the rest of us!

* Apart from that one with the wonky wheel. He’s trying to stay on the straight and narrow.

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