Radio TV Channels could be more interesting.

When I get home, I’m in the habit of turning on my TV. It will either be on the Dave channel, or one of the numerous Radio channels. Typically, Kerrang! or Magic.

Here’s the thing with radio channels on the TV – they just have a single, boring screen which typically shows the name of the channel and a link to their website. I can’t help but think this is a bit wasteful.

There you have one single, static screen. Now, granted, I’m not listening to a radio channel because I’m watching it. I’m just listening. But there is so much wasted real estate! On one hand, the lack of adverts on the screen is nice.

Still. Why not put something else on there? The next song to play? The radios twitter feed? Frolicking ponies? Subliminal messaging? These are digital radio channels. Would it be that hard?

I am probably over thinking this. My mind does work in strange ways occasionally.

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