My current top 5 anime

I enjoy watching anime. My favourites are probably not the most commercially popular ones, but here are my current top 5:

  1. Bleach
    1. unlikely to be completed in anime form – you’ve been warned! I just love love love this, though. People running around with big swords slaying monstery things that normal people can’t see? Fabulous.
  2. Death Note
    1. You find yourself rooting for the bad guy throughout. Even though he’s crazy. And then crying halfway through when something happens to someone awesome. It kind of goes downhill after that point, but it still enjoyable. Worth watching!
  3. Fairy Tail
    1. Lighthearted, with over-the-top characters. What more could you want? Still on going.
  4. Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood
    1. Another very enjoyable one. I was gutted when it ended. Elric is awesome.
  5. Knights of Sidonia
    1. I came across this on Netflix. Still on going, but a nice sci-fi one for those who are bored of over-the-top sword fights. But how could you get bored of over-the-top sword fights? Crazy person.

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