The joy of rent

I privately rent a single bedroom flat. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s somewhere I can live without the need to train up a new housemate – which suits me just fine. For the most part, I really enjoy being there.

The main things that bug me are generally control issues. I freely admit I am something of a control freak.

So, on to niggles:

Things break. I’d capable of fixing them myself (as I type this, one of the rings on my hob has blown, causing the power to trip if I forget and turn it on). Due to the agreement I signed,plus the thinking that there is no point in blowing my own cash on buying things for someone elses property, I have to wait for the landlord to send someone over to sort it out for me. In all fairness, my landlord is a good one – I rarely have to wait long. On the flip side, I know that I could get the part myself, and replace the part that is broken. Though personally – if it was up to me, and was my own place – I’d be upgrading my cooker to something that wasn’t built in the 80s.

Decorating. The coffee, beige and blue theme throughout was probably aesthetically pleasing and fashionable back in the 80’s. Now? Meh. But since it isn’t in a state of disrepair to warrant as wear and tear, the only way it will be sorted out is if I decide to fork out and do it myself. See previous mention of not wanting to blow my own cash on someone elses property – especially given how much I pay a month in rent.

Dead money. I’d much rather see a chunk of my cash disappearing into something that is *mine*.

Electric only. Yup, my flat has no gas supply. And no central heating system – electric radiators only. Which given I don’t really feel the cold, isn’t too much of an issue. My visitors and guests may get a bit chilly though. I could possibly get around this by just not inviting people over. đŸ˜€

No garden. This just makes me sad.

Given house prices in the area I live in, I estimate another 20 years until I can buy a place of my own. So, I’m kind of resigned to my situation. That does not mean that I don’t occasionally indulge my resentment over the whole thing when I can’t use my front right hob ring on my sadly outdated cooker though. Hmph!

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