My thoughts on Quotas

In the UK at the moment, there have been rather public criticisms that our Police are ‘too white’. In my internet reading, I also often come across articles about how there aren’t enough women in the board room. And various other quotas for different industries.

On one hand, I can see what is being driven at – equality, and this is all fair enough. However, I get very nervous at the all too predictable demand for ‘quotas’ to be put in to place to address these issues.

Here’s where I stand on it – I beleive in equality. I firmly beleive that every person should have an equal chance at a given oppurtunity. Quotas are, however, a slippery slope to reverse discrimination. Where does it stop?

As things are right now, I sometimes wonder if I have an easier time getting a job in my field due to looking great on a HR check sheet – female, wanting to be a software developer? Awesome! It’s demoralising to wonder if I have received a job offer not through virtue of being good at what I do, but through virtue of possessing lady bits.

So, I’m against quotas. They just reverse the problem to a different demographic. What I’d much rather see is the right person in the job – whatever it may be, and regardless of if the applicant is white, green, alien, etc.

If there is a worry that a minority is not being represented enough, by all means encourage anyone in that minority to apply for the job. Just don’t hire them based upon meeting some quota to show how ‘diverse’ you can be. That’s insanity – especially if the job role is something involving responsiblity. Hire the best person for the job, and see the job get done well.

3 thoughts on “My thoughts on Quotas

  1. On the specific point constabularies want to be more representative but suitable people have to apply. As I understand it elements of the recruitment process have altered to make it easier for ethnic minorities to apply. Examples include reducing the minimum height and help with English (in London).

    Call me cynical but Theresa May is waging a campaign against the Police. In a way this amuses me because during Thatcher’s time the Police loved the Tories who have become their Nemesis.

    Furthermore it seems to me the Government is keen to turn the public’s attention away from Tax Credits.

    I agree with you though quotas are problematic.

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    1. I’m not amused by where the old bill find themselves though. I have a few friends that are bobbies. They are good people doing very difficult work. It’s the irony I find amusing.


  2. Same here! I have a lot of sympathy for the police also. They have it pretty rough all around at the moment. I like that steps have been taken to address the issue, but it still relies on the people actually applying! I think the Tories in their current form abandoned conservative values quite some time ago.


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