My top 5 current favourite Visual Studio 2013 extensions

I’m a fan of things that make my working life easier. Here are my current top 5 (free!) extensions for Visual Studio 2013. Bear in mind that I’m currently working mainly with C# and XAML.

  • ClipboardHistory – Keeps a history of anything that you put on your clipboard.
  • Pretty Paste – Kills extra line spaces or line numbers when pasting wodges of code around. Very handy for reusing XAML when a template won’t cut the job!
  • Productivity Power Tools 2013 – Just install it. This is awesome.
  • ResXManager – Too many languages to deal with? This helps you to manage all of them. Highly useful!
  • XamlFormatter – Formats XAML sensibly. Fixes any dodgy indentation you may have inadvertently left behind.

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