Why do phones have to do everything?

This weekend, the bloke and I were watching TV, and there was an advert that kept coming on – in short, it was a badly dubbed advert with a teenage boy asking his neighbour why his phone can’t control his cars features (because there’s an app for that!!!).

This in turn led to a discussion about why everything has to be controlled by a phone. We both agreed that it’s getting beyond silly now. Your phone can now control your central heating. And probably your fridge. Or your washing machine. But like the bloke said – ‘Hey, phone! Fill my washing machine for me!’.

It really is going a bit far now.

I get the whole temptation to see if something is possible. But central heating control away from home? Why is a thermostat and timer not enough? You don’t need your heating on full blast when you’re not in – so don’t you already have that under control? When I’m in my car, I shouldn’t be pratting around on my phone full stop.

As it is, there are enough apps nagging for my attention on my phone. I try to limit it to the ones I see the point in. A few games, etc. Although I did uninstall a game this weekend, when after playing it once, it started notifying my that I hadn’t played for a few hours. I mean, really? Was the app developer so enamoured of the push notification feature that he just had to play with it? It was a wordsearch game, for goodness sake!

Enough with taking the internet of things to silly places! Enough with having to make everything an app on my phone!

tl;dr: Stop the silliness!

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