A day at the races

This weekend, I was at Santa Pod with the bloke and his girls.

Whilst waiting for the track to be dried in between watching jet cars fly down the strip, I was taking a break from racing the girls up and down a hill. Up pops the conversation we’d been having all morning:

‘I want candy!’

We’d had lunch, and I’d told the girls we could have come candy later, as I wanted some to.

Me: ‘Well, you’ll have to ask the candy fairy!’

Silence, and then:

‘Is Daddy the candy fairy?’

Well, that response totally deserved candy floss. In this case, I opted to be the candy fairy.

This was my first time at Santa Pod, and I particularly enjoyed some of the more unusual forms of racing vehicle:

Which granny wouldn't be at home on one of these?
Which granny wouldn’t be at home on one of these?

I’ll definitely be wanting to visit again, when some of the bigger events are going on!

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