The bloke is an outdoorsy type. Being in the UK, with our rather soggy weather at this time of year, wellies really come into their own.

I didn’t own any wellies. Last time I’d been outdoors with the bloke, I ended up borrowing some rather serious green ones from one of his relatives. I realised I’d have to invest in a pair of wellies of my very own.

Initially, I told the bloke that I was planning on getting some sparkly wellies, all covered in glitter. This resulting in The Look. Now, I’ve never been one to care about what people think of my attire. The bloke knows this. So, maybe the sparkly wellies would get laughed at by the other more serious wellies?

I don’t know. However, I had to bear the delicate feelings of any wellies in mind when making my choice.

Out of the whole one shop I checked when I thought about it, the first to catch my eye were some rather dashing leopard print wellies. At that moment though, the tallest couple I have ever seen in my life walked past. Which made me feel very inadequate in the height department, so I brought the only pair of wellies that had a heel on.

Wellies! Yeay!
Wellies! Yeay!

The bloke will probably give me The Look when he sees them. Ha! I care not. I gain a whole half inch of height from these bad boys!

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