PlayStation Plus November 2015 Free Games – I love this month!

I know we’re already quite a way into November, but I only got around to checking out the PlayStation Plus offerings this weekend. I was pretty impressed.

In the free games section for Plus subscribers this month, we can pick up The Walking Dead season 2, Magicka 2 and Dragon Fin Soup.

Now, some may not be too enthused by this, but me? These games are all totally up my alley. I’ve yet to finish The Walking Dead season 1, but that is a game that is firmly on my ‘to play’ list, so I’m very pleased.

As for Magicka – the humour in this game feels like it was put there with me in mind. Just check out the trailer here. I may have watched it quite a few times, as it makes me giggle.

Dragon Fin Soup is one that I know little about – but from the trailer alone, the words ‘Tactical RPG’ stuck out, making me very excited at the prospect of playing this game.

I feel like this months Plus was aimed at me personally, which is great. I’ve only had a brief foray into Magicka 2 so far, and I’m finding it thoroughly enjoyable and hilarious. Keep your eyes peeled – I’ll be having something to say about all these games in the next few weeks.

4 thoughts on “PlayStation Plus November 2015 Free Games – I love this month!

  1. As someone who has played both seasons 1 and 2 of The Walking Dead, I do not recommend playing season 2. I won’t say any more until you play through the end of season 1, but I have strongly recommended passing season 2 to all of my friends :x.


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