But I *do* believe in fairies!

This is a sign in the kitchen at work:

Clap your hands, quick!
Clap your hands, quick!

Signs like this cause me both amusement and despair.

Amusement, because they’re always so *cutesy*. Despair, because in the realm of responsible adults, as you would expect in the workplace, a sign like this is apparently necessary.

Granted, this sign is tame compared to some of the ones I’ve seen. For instance, it’s always a bit concerning to see a sign in the toilets along the lines of ‘Please do not stand on the toilet seat’, or ‘Remember to flush!’. Because, really?!? There are actually people who need to be reminded of basic etiquette or hygiene? That’s pretty tragic.

Anyway, every time I read this sign, which is every time I go in to the kitchen because I must read all the things*, I am always tempted to add a note to it. Something like ‘But I do believe in fairies!’, or ‘Reward: £1,000 for whoever catches the cutlery goblin that keeps hiding the spoons’.

Sadly, the sign is necessary in this case, as even with a dish washer and sink *right there*, there will always be one or two people who seem incapable of using such devices, knowing that someone will take on the role of the cleaning fairy and sort it out for them. I can only assume that their last slave died from lack of work. The even more scary prospect is that I’m managing this whole responsible adulting thing better than some.

* I don’t think this is OCD. I just read everything. Even when I’ve already read it. It takes time to pour coffee, darn it!

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