Ah, pub quiz. I missed you.

It’s been a while since I headed down to the most awesome pub quiz* at The Empress. I can only blame a dramatic year and lack of energy for that.

In it’s usual fashion, this particular pub is early to the Christmas party. Unlike the high street shops at this time of year, I have no objection to seeing so much shiny here.

2015-11-10 19.04.48

There is no such thing as too many decorations.

The fact that our team came 6th out of 20 can be blamed (I feel) on the souless gaze of Mr. Fox, who is sucking the spirit of Christmas and good cheer out of the room.

2015-11-10 21.23.54
His eyes stare right through you.

Beyond that, it was a fabulous night. We won a bucket of very random goodies, including a tin of mushy peas, for having a team name that amused the Quiz Masters (we had the exact angle measurement of Jeremy Corbyn’s bowing as a team name), and learnt all sorts of useless trivia. Such as that a helen is a unit of measurement used to measure quantities of beauty in terms of the theoretical action that could be accomplished by the wielder of such beauty. Later googling reveals it has its own wiki page.

I’ll be getting back on the old pub quiz wagon again. I’ve had a strange year that has been lacking in useless trivia, and I think I have been rendered too clever for my own good as a result. I was even more useless on the music round than ever this week, and that’s usually the only reason my team let me sit with them. Oops.

* For those outside the UK who are wondering what a pub quiz is, you basically go to a pub, a quiz master stands up and asks trivia questions, and your team get scored afterwards. The winning team gets a prize. Varying states of inebriation are encouraged.

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