Review: Magicka 2

I haven’t completed this game yet, but I am finding it so hilarious, that I decided to get my review done now.

First off, the popular culture references are second to none.

You know nothing, Jon Snow.
No red stapler in sight.
I’m afraid of no ghosts.

I’m really enjoying this game. The play style is chaotic, and friendly fire is turned on. I can’t be far off the trophy award for killing myself 1,000 times by now. That said, I have been able to muddle through with a combination of a physical shield (Shield + Rock + Rock + Rock + Rock on self cast), AoE death magic and lots of running around in circles. I keep trying to be good and use different combinations, but when you have 20 enemies all trailing after you, your brain will often go out of the window, causing you to button mash frantically to survive.

I’m looking forward to playing this on multi-player, as this is the kind of chaotic multiplayer I like. Plus, it’s sillier than the old days of Diablo, giving it many plus points in my book.

As you progress through adventure mode, Vlad (not a vampire! Heh heh!), will often get you into many scrapes, whilst not actually sticking around to help you out. He’s nice like that. The dialogue, whilst written in English, is spoken in a strange gobbledegook of various european languages. If you have some slight knowledge of these languages, the humour takes on a whole other level, as occasionally the spoken words have little resemblance to what you are reading.

Here are a couple of other pieces of dialogue that had me giggling:

Screenshot4 Screenshot2

I’d recommend this for anyone who is looking for a fun nod back to the days of top-down adventuring. Especially if you have a slightly silly sense of humour. If you’re a PSN Plus subscriber, there is really no excuse to not play this game – you can get it free this month.


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