I miss the playground.

One thing that I’ve been thinking about since my post Cardio – Playground Style is that being a child on the playground was fun.

Loads of running around, playing games such as Tag, Kiss Chase, Stuck in the Mud, British Bulldog, etc. Not only was it active, but it also appealed to the part of me that just likes to run.

Now, one of the reasons I don’t bother going to a gym is that it is a very boring experience for me. I cannot justify paying money to do an activity that bores me – even if it is good for me. Many of the people who are signed up to more competitive activities are so far ahead of me in skill level, that I’d affect their workout by wanting to play with them.

But you know what? If a gymnasium was to schedule adult playground sessions, I’d definitely go. Give me the opportunity to play the old playground style games with other adults, and I’d be there in a flash.

I’ll probably just have to send out a hopeful invite to my facebook friends to see if they’d be up for coming out to play. I suspect that for the most part, we’re all too busy being adults and stuff though. 😦

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