5 Silly things I did this week

I occasionally do very silly things. This week has been worse than most. I’m not sure why.

  1. When making custard tarts, I carefully measured out the butter I needed, and went to put the remaining butter back in the fridge. Except I didn’t put it in the fridge. I put it in the bin.
  2. I went to empty the bin, and forgot to take my keys out with me, locking myself out. Luckily, I had a window open, so I was able to get back into my flat. I got covered in cobwebs and all sorts, and sprained my wrist with this little adventure.
  3. Put the timer on my washing machine so that it would do a load over night. Neglected to check the program, and woke up the next morning to washing that had only been through a dry cycle, and nothing else.
  4. Neglected to check if the bloke actually likes custard tarts (since he generally eats everything). Later found out that of all the sweet thingsĀ out there, he actually has a hatred of custard tarts. Oops! More for me, I guess!
  5. Forgot to add the tuna to the tuna pasta bake. I realised half way through, and added it later. Thankfully, it still tasted good.

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