My 5 favourite words

Yup, I am sad enough to have favourite words. Here they are:

  1. Lethologica. The inability to remember a word or put your finger on the right word. How cool is it that there is a word for this? Especially one that in itself is more difficult than some to remember?
  2. Spaghettification. The theoretical stretching of an object as it encounters extreme differences in gravitational forces, especially those associated with black hole. Just the meaning behind this, being so far away from that you’d expect, makes it awesome.
  3. Acatalepsy. An ancient skeptical view that no more than probable knowledge is available to human beings. It’s a word that sums up the attitude of ‘It’s been done, so never try’.
  4. Cockalorum. A self-important little man. We’ve all met many. There are plenty in our government. It’s pretty awesome that it is summed up in a word.
  5. Hebetude. The state of being dull. I have this upon waking up every morning.

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