The Ghost in the Machine

Nope, this isn’t about the rather awesome anime.

A colleague who sits close to me at work has a piece of hardware on his desk that is used for testing different print channels. It;s a big plastic box, with a clear plastic covering, allowing you to see all the fun stuff inside. All is quiet when my colleague is there.

However, when he leaves his desk, the machine makes a knocking noise. Two taps on the plastic in quick succession, approximately every half a minute. It sounds like someone is in there knocking on the plastic.

I’m creeped out. I’ve wandered over a few times to investigate, but I can’t see what’s making the noise.

It defies all logic. If ever there was a case for a ghost in the machine, this would be it. Since I don’t believe in ghosts, though, my bet is that the cutlery gremlin is branching out from stealing teaspoons from the office kitchen.

Just to make this even more silly – I’m actually not going to ask my colleague what the noise actually is, because that would ruin all the fun of the mystery.

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