I still don’t quite get twitter.

I signed up to twitter as another stream to try and publicise this blog a bit more. I’m still not quite sure I get it to the point that I’ll ever post anything more meaningful on there.

However, in dipping my toes into the ‘twittersphere’, I have ended up following a few interesting accounts. Since I like my news, I follow a lot of the worldwide news sites. I follow accounts related to software development, tech, women in STEM, and such.

Then I started following UK MP accounts. Watching some of the rather public meltdowns on twitter has been both amusing and saddening. Amusing, because dirty laundry being aired cannot fail to be so. Saddening, because these people are amongst those who are apparently running the country.

That said, most do actually behave, so it’s not all bad.

It was through this that I discovered some of the parody accounts, which I just had to follow. They are hilarious. They’re all properly marked as being parodies, and they keep up to date with any breaking news to basically mock it.

I do like a good bit of mockery in the morning.

Here are my current favourites:

Jeremey Corbyn

Dave Cameron

Vladimir Putin

To the owners of the various parody accounts on twitter – thanks for giving me a laugh!

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