Fallout 4: On the Moove.

Yup, another Fallout 4 post. Guess what I’m spending my free time on?

So, I’ve been wandering around Sanctuary a lot, as I have made it my main base of operations. Trashcan Carla (a vendor) occasionally comes to visit, with her pack brahmin. For those not in the know, brahmin are basically 2 headed cows. They moo a lot.

Fast forward some gameplay, and Trashcan Carla has wandered off elsewhere. But I can still hear the incessant mooing of a brahmin. It was doing my head in, so I spent about 10 minutes trying to find the thing so I could just get rid of it.

Here’s a question – in these games, how often do you look up?

Fallout 4_20160111203031
It failed to jump over the moon.

That would be a pack brahmin on the roof of the workshop in Sanctuary. I love bugs like these. I didn’t have the heart to kill it. It’s still there on subsequent reloads. I am now accustomed to the incessant mooing in Sanctuary. I would miss it if it wasn’t there.

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