Open letter to ‘Leon’


You don’t know me. I’ve never met you, either.

That said, I know that you applied for a short term loan 4 years ago. Since I’m not a stalker, how do I know this? Because 4 years ago, my mobile phone started being bombarded with calls and messages offering a loan to you. And I mean *bombarded*. In the space of 10 minutes, I had to have received over 30 text messages alone. It was very confusing.

Dealing with this fall out was incredibly infuriating. The last time I spoke to one of these loan people on the phone, I told them that you were too stupid to manage a loan, since you couldn’t even get your phone number typed in properly on a website. Which may be slightly unfair if this was an honest mistake – but by this point, my patience had run out.

Want to know what was the most annoying? Asking the loan people to remove my number from their calling list, to be informed that my number and your name had been sent to pretty much every loan company under their ‘umbrella’ company.

So, here we are 4 years later. I generally get another text message addressed to you about once every couple of months. I got one today that had your full name in it from Capita. The temptation to look you up online so I can send you instructions on how to fill in your phone number correctly is there. Being of sound mind, I won’t actually do this, as these is a possibility that this was a genuine mistake on your part.

Still. I’ve been putting up with short term loan offers for you for 4 years now. If any of them do actually manage to get through to you, I’d advise against taking them as the interest rates are *horrible*.

To sign off – if you’re going to fake number a loan comparison site, just bear in mind that it’s not victimless. If it was a genuine mistake, I suggest you learn to double check your details before clicking the ‘submit’ button.

Not sincerely (since I doubt you’re even aware of how much you have inconvenienced me),

Little Wicksy.

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