Fallout 4 got dogs right.

Well, right-ish.

I’ve yet to use a companion other than Dogmeat (a dog companion) for my forays into the wasteland. I’ll probably encounter similar behaviour off them when I start using them for what I assume will be a greater carrying capacity.

Anyways, from having once had pet dogs, and allowing Dogmeat to accompany me on my travels, I realised just how much in common with the real thing Dogmeat has:

  • About to loot something? Nope, Dogmeat is right there, demanding attention!
  • You will never go down stairs without Dogmeat being in your way. And then refusing to move.
  • Barks at the most inappropriate times.
  • Is unable to find loot that is right under his nose.
  • Runs off to play elsewhere at random. Usually when you want him.

Good work, Bethesda!

3 thoughts on “Fallout 4 got dogs right.

  1. I personally most enjoy that he is not counted as a companion for the Lone Wanderer perk (allows you to carry more when adventuring without a companion). Sole reason I only use Dogmeat.


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