Presents get more boring as you get older.

One of the problems with growing up is having to think of suitable gifts for our nearest and dearest. It’s my big sisters birthday tomorrow (happy birthday, you old fart!), and as I often do, I was having a hard time thinking of something to give her.

Now, presents are supposed to be thoughtful. Sometimes, it’s easier to just ask what the recipient wants. For her birthday, my sister wanted money towards some new curtains for her bedroom. As far as gifts go, pretty boring. But, it was both wanted and useful, so no harm done. I’ve done similar – for Christmas, I asked for and got a new set of cooking pans.

Children are more fun to buy for. Shiny toy? Sorted! Babies are even easier. Buy something in a big box, and the baby will have a great time with the box and wrapping paper. Much like cats.

In a nutshell – adulting is still a trap. You find yourself wanting something useful as opposed to something thoughtful. That said, I think I’d much rather buy something that is both needed and wanted, as opposed to something that will just be in the way.

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