Until this weekend, it had been *years* since I played this board game. The version I played was a Minions version of the game, which had a small extra mechanic – there are two dice in the dome, one of which has a little red minion on one side. If you get the little red minion on your dice roll, you get Bob on your team, and none of your ‘minions’ can be sent back home.

It was an entertaining mechanic, as you can suddenly ‘block’ people in their home if you happen  to have Bob. New tactics ahoy!

It was quite sweet how the blokes girls would opt to *not* send one of my minions home when the opportunity arrived. Of course, I wasn’t so nice in return, as board games are a perfect avenue to display  that life is unfair, and that I’m actually mean. Soon, I found that I was being ganged up on by everyone, which was hilarious. That didn’t stop me winning on three occasions, happily. A lucky run of rolling sixes saw to that!

As far as board games go, Frustration probably isn’t one of the best. Still, I have a lot of nostalgia associated with it, so I still find it thoroughly enjoyable. Though in all fairness, any game that lets me mess up the opposition somehow generally ends up being more fun for me. I’m sure that says all sorts of things about my character. Oops!

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