The belated Christmas present

For Christmas, my Dad wasn’t really too sure what he wanted. So, we decided that I would get him some computer game in the new year, once he was sure which one he wanted to play when he’s done with Fallout 4.

Some time at the beginning of January, he mentioned that Farcry 4 was the game he would like.

So, every week since then, I’ve been in Tesco looking for a copy of this game. Every single week they have been out of stock. 3 weeks out of stock! I appreciate it didn’t get amazing reviews across the board, but it’s still in their games chart.

The shiny out of stock label was also on a few other titles, and has been for the last few weeks as well. It’s getting to the point where I’m wondering why Tesco even list games that aren’t in the top 5, since anything charting below this seems to be permanently out of stock.

Looks like I’ll be buying this online and getting it sent to his work. Sorry Dad – I’ll get you your Christmas present *some* time before December, promise!

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