5 Things I’ll be doing on my ‘staycation’

I have a week off work. Woo hoo! I decided I was in much need of my own company, so I have treated myself to a staycation. As in, I intend to stay at home for the most part, and not have to see people or go outside. Maybe I’ll go on an adventure and see family and what not. Here’s my itinerary so far:

  1. Get my car MOT’d. This will be done on Monday, as this is a suitable day for doing something potentially unpleasant.
  2. Play Fallout 4, and make lots of videos about my settlement building addiction. (Stop judging me).
  3. Catch up on my ‘to read’ pile. This is always big. For every book I finish, I stumble across two more I want to read. I enjoy having this ‘problem’.
  4. Binge watch Castle on Amazon Video. I still have yet to watch this in all its awesomeness.
  5. Eat many many cheese based products. Because – cheese.

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