The absent cottage

On Valentines Day, the bloke and I opted to go for a walk around Brandon Country Park. Well, I say this. The day happened to be Valentines Day, but we would have ventured out regardless of what day it was. Neither of us are particular romantics.

Anyways, we opted to walk the ‘Orange Trail‘, which is not as challenging as the website makes out. We did come across a few things that amused us though.

First off, the ‘lake’. It was more large pond sized. Which kind of set the tone. The next point of interest on our leaflet was the Fisherman’s Cottage and pond. When we got there, all we could see was a fence. We went a bit closer to investigate, and found an over grown plastic lined ditch, surrounded by a fence. After much looking, we eventually saw what we assume was the cottage – a couple of left over house bricks in a much fallen down wall.

Given the earlier label of ‘Lake’ for what was basically a pond should have set our expectations straight by this point. Why shouldn’t a not-quite knee length fallen down wall and plastic lined ditch be labelled Fishermans Cottage and Pond by that standard?

We never did see the next cottage that was highlighted as a point of interest on our map. We suspect not due to lack of looking for it- but most likely because it consisted of a few bricks that were completely over grown by everything else. Since we didn’t venture off the path to look, we’ll probably never know.

In fact, the only landmark that seemed to live up to expectations was the communication tower. Which was clearly visible in the skyline every time we were out of the woods.

In spite of my mockery of the lackluster landmarks, it was a great day out. I just wish I’d had the presence of mind to take pictures of the landmarks themselves.

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