Zoned Out

We all do it to a degree. You sit there, staring into space – right up until someone waves in your face (after trying to get your attention for an unspecified amount of time) and asks ‘What are you thinking?’.

The socially accepted answer is generally ‘nothing’.

I know in my case that this is my usual answer because my zoned out thoughts are generally a random mish-mash that if you shared, you would probably seem kind of insane.

Here’s an example of my typical ‘zoned out’ train of thought:

Ooh, if I refactor that bit of code, then this bit can actually work.

*random abstract software patterns*

I’m hungry.

That person really annoyed me the other day. I wish I’d said *awesome comeback* instead. That would have been cool.

I need to see Deadpool. That looks like my kind of crap.

If I had a lightsaber, it needs to be purple.

I like purple.

*imaginings of using lightsaber for everything*

If I cover the untoasted side in mustard before melting cheese on top, would that be too much mustard or a cheese on toast sensation?

Bear in mind that the above is a sample that can go through my head in a matter of seconds. And also a pretty good example of why I go to an effort to not actually share what I’m really thinking.

I’m pretty sure people think I’m crazy anyway. Oops.

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