Respect the facilities

First off, I don’t think of myself as a particularly judgmental person. However, there are some things that will make me judge people.

In particular, signage in toilets. Or office wide emails about toilet issues.

This may have been prompted by an office-wide email asking for the second time in as many weeks that whoever is flushing inappropriate material down the gents toilets and causing blockages to stop it.

The signage in toilets will make me judge the clientele of a building. Just how bad is the problem that a sign saying ‘Please dispose of your sanitary items in the bins provided’ is necessary? Even worse when you see the evidence of why this sign is necessary. Or ‘Please do not stand on the toilet seats’?

Of course, there is no way of knowing *who* the cause of these problems actually is without going all Big Brother and installing cameras. Which nobody wants, because … ick.

In my mind, you treat the facilities of a place that is not your home *better* than you would treat your own. Or at least in the same manner. Maybe the people doing these things are treating things in the same manner (ew.).

I guess my point is that these kinds of signs or emails should not even be necessary. You expect fully functioning adults to actually be toilet trained to a reasonable standard. Yet is seems that there is a minority who aren’t. And knowing that the culprit is a colleague is kind of icky.

So – don’t be that person. Clean up your own shite. Sometimes, literally, I guess. No one else needs to see or know. It shouldn’t even need to be said.

Respecting the facilities provided is really not that difficult. Leave things in the state you find them, at a minimum. It’s really not hard.

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