I found the holy grail.


2016-02-28 13.37.49
Cheesy chips and gravy!

Do you know how hard this is to find in the south of England?!?

I grew up with the expectation that chips from a chip shop could be served with delicious chip shop gravy and a smothering of cheese.

You don’t even *see* gravy on chip shop menus any further south than Birmingham. Apparently, it’s ‘just not done’. I have been sustaining myself for almost 10 years buying plain chips, and adding the cheese and gravy when I get them home. Thankfully, the chip shop is right next door, so the chips don’t get cold during this process. But FINALLY, yesterday – I found it. The holy grail of fast food, in the south.

Granted, I didn’t find this in a chip shop. The bloke and I ventured to a place called Bread and Meat for lunch. By chance, I saw something on the menu called ‘Poutine’, with a description of squeaky cheese and home made gravy. Heaven forbid we give something a common name here. This is Cambridge, dahling. I’m pretty sure the name justifies the £5 price tag.

But you know what? I’ll pay that £5 for cheesy chips and gravy, since that combination is apparently just not done down here. Just very much as a one off, for sake of my wallet.

If by some chance you have never tried this combination, I’d highly recommend it. Trust me.

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