Month: February 2016

Fallout 4: Taffington Boathouse. Also, my first gaming video.

My apologies for lack of posting yesterday – I was distracted by making a settlement look awesome in Fallout 4, and never got around to making a post. Ooops.

Anyway, today I finally figured out how to make record audio through my Playstation, and actually got around to making a video show casing one of my settlements in Fallout 4 – in this case, Taffington Boathouse.

Go easy on me – this is my first attempt at a youtube video. I have vague plans to try and make a bit of a channel that is associated with this blog, just to see where it goes.

Anyways – here’s the link to my first video: I hope you enjoy watching it, as it took me a couple of attempts. My first attempt, the audio was too low, so it got deleted right after the upload. Annoyingly, it had sounded alright played through my television, but the upload process seems to lower the volume significantly.

I will not admit to the amount of time it took for me to set up Taffington Boathouse in this way. I like to at least pretend I have a life.

Fallout 4: Shenanigans at The Shamrock Taphouse

I can imagine that living in a post apocalyptic wasteland is tough. That said, it is apparent that the residents still find time for drunken shenanigans:

Fallout 4_20160202164458
Just what you’ll find in any self respecting pub toilets, I imagine.

This amused me greatly. But can someone please explain the plastic flamingo thing to me? It’s not that big a thing on this side of the pond, but I often see them referenced in American media.

Everybody knows!

Who is this everybody, and why are they such a know it all?

Although I’ve been guilty of using this phrase myself, it kind of bugs me. If ‘everybody’ knows the thing, then you wouldn’t have to be told about it.

This stems from my mini adventure yesterday. I wanted to get my hair cut. The hairdressers is next door, but it turns out it is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Fair enough. I did mention it in conversation with my sister, and she uttered the phrase ‘Everybody knows hairdressers are closed on Mondays!’.

Well, I didn’t. So not everybody knows. So nyah.

Clue HQ – Escape!

This weekend, I ventured to Clue HQ in Warrington to have a go with some friends at one of their escape rooms.

The idea behind these rooms is that you are with a team of 2-6 people, locked in a room, and you have to solve the clues and riddles to escape.

We were there to be locked in The Vault.

From their website about this game:

You and your friends recently visited a casino owned by The National Bank of Money. Accusations have been made that their machines are fixed to give the house a higher advantage. They stole your money, and you’re going to get it back!

All of the casino’s chips are stored in the vault at The National Bank of Money. Your heist appears to be going smoothly until the security system comes back on! You’ve got 60 minutes to grab as much cash (in casino chips) as you can and escape!

So, the idea here is to escape, and grab as many casino chips as you can.

I’ve never done anything like this before, but it was an absolute blast. We were locked in a small room, with two rooms to get into – an office, and the vault itself. Before us were an array of clues, and many *many* locked cupboards. A computer screen (in this case monitored by a wonderful lady called Nikki) would occasionally pop up with additional clues for us if we looked stuck.

I won’t mention any specific puzzles, as I refuse to post spoilers for this. However, we didn’t fare too well – we managed to collect $4.5 million worth of chips, but we failed to escape after we overlooked a key in a cupboard we unlocked earlier. We did get into the office and vault though. Also, 60 minutes is no time at all when you’re having fun.

We’ll be going again, as we’re pretty sure we can both escape and get more loot. We’ll also be booking into one of their other games while we’re there – I want to do the Sacrifice game (where you’re pitted against your mates and get to decide if they’re worthy enough to survive), but my other team mates aren’t too up for that. Which makes me sad, as I wanted to make sure I was on the opposing team to my sister and sacrifice her ‘for the greater good*’.

Ah well. I’ll be looking forward to trying out all the escape rooms this company has on offer. I’d highly recommend this for a cheap hour of fun with friends if you’re after something a bit different!

* The greater good in this case being revenge for our childhood.