So, I’m pigeon blind.

Or something. What would be the term for seeing all medium size birds as pigeons?

I didn’t grow up in a rural area. The bloke did. We were outdoors on adventures this weekend, and he pointed out a Jay. Well, he called it a Jay. I looked at it, and I was sure it looked like a pigeon. I still am.

Then last night, we were watching Planet Earth after dinner. It was an antarctic/arctic themed one. I could swear that one of the birds in flight hunting another bird looked like a pigeon.

So now the bloke is (probably quite rightly) mocking me.

I still maintain that in both instances, the birds looked like pigeons to me. Ok, the second instance definitely wasn’t a pigeon. I believe David Attenborough. He strikes me as a trustworthy chap when it comes to wildlife.

That Jay was definitely a pigeon though. Pride is on the line, so even if it wasn’t, it totally was. Hmmph!

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