On cake days and being 21

Yesterday, I became another year older. If anyone asks, I’m 21 again. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Still, as I get older, my cake day seems to mean less and less. Which is a consequence of adulting, I guess.

I do miss the sense of anticipation I used to get for my birthday, though. To try and get around that this year, I ‘borrowed’ the blokes family to go out for a meal to celebrate. It’s probably the most I’ve done for my birthday in a very long time. I had a great time – but my anticipation was more for the actual meal than for the birthday itself. Not a bad thing, but at some point I’ll just have to accept that anticipating my birthday is a thing of the past. Or that I’m kind of food obsessed.

Still, cake day. The tradition here is to bring cake to the office for your birthday. My birthday falls at the time of year where the schools are on half term, plus Easter weekend is always somewhere close by. This means the office is generally quiet as people typically book the entire week off as a holiday.  In my case, the universe has *obviously* conspired to keep it cheap for me, as I don’t have to buy so much cake due to the lower number of people at work. It’s probably hubris on my part to see this as a birthday present from the calendar for me, but I’ll take it.

The next thing I’m anticipating is Dark Souls 3 coming out. It’s to be a belated birthday present, since the release date here is 12th April, last I checked. Now that’s something I’m really excited about. Expect a death-tage video shortly after that date!

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