The contents of my desk.

On Friday, I enjoyed my last day of work at my place of employment. I start at the new place tomorrow, which is very exciting.

I’d been so busy with my remaining work over my notice period, that it didn’t really sink in until some time on Friday afternoon that I wouldn’t be back there. Which of course, made me start feeling a bit sad about the whole thing.

I brought some cakes for the office, and packed up my desk into a carrier bag over the course of the afternoon. I’m not sure if it’s depressing or efficient that almost a year of my working life can be packed up into a single carrier bag. So, I decided to sum up my desk contents into a list:

  1. Note books and pens.
  2. A pink USB desk fan.
  3. An A3 portable white board and dry wipe markers.
  4. A USB drive.
  5. My coffee mug.

Really, it’s all I ever need at a desk to get the work done. Though my Charisma Fallout 3 Bobblehead may make it to my new desk on Monday. 😀

To sum up – I’m sad to be going, but very excited about what’s ahead. Plus, my desk needs to be cooler. I should probably buy more fans. (Ha ha!)

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